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General Conditions of Sale

The following general conditions of sale shall govern all transactions conducted through the PALMERAIE RESORTS website. Any reservation made by a customer through such website shall imply unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions.

  1. PALMASSETS SA operates the website (hereinafter the “Site”), a hotel reservation website for Palmeraie Resorts.
  2. The Site permits rooms to be reserved at the various establishments operated by PALMERAIE RESORTS.
  3. Reservations can also be made using mobile services (mobile websites and mobile applications).
  4. The customer shall be deemed to have represented that it has obtained all necessary information as to the Site from PALMERAIE RESORTS.
  5. Any reservation made through the Site or through the mobile services implies consultation in full and acceptance without reserve of these general conditions of sale and the terms of sale for the reserved rate.
  6. The customer’s consent to these general conditions of sale and the terms of sale for the reserved rate shall be deemed to have occurred as of the time of reservation; no reservations are possible without such consent.
  7. The customer has the option of saving and printing these general conditions of sale by using the standard functions available on the customer’s browser or computer.
  8. The Site includes the following information:
    · the legal notice specifically identifying PALMERAIE RESORTS and indicating its company name, registration number in the Trade Register, the address where it is based, its e-mail address, telephone number, registered office, individual VAT identification number and the address of the establishment responsible for the offer;
    · the essential characteristics of the rooms offered (the establishment (hotel) descriptions) can be consulted at the time of the reservation depending on the establishment selected;
    · the additional services offered;
    · the prices;
    · the payment procedures;
    · the general conditions of sale and the terms of sale for the reserved rate;
    · the time the offer will remain valid and the price thereof;
    · The telephone number to call to obtain any additional information desired by a customer;
    · The address of the establishment making the offer;
    · The license no., the date it was delivered and the authority that delivered it;
    · The duration of validity for the offer and rate;
    · the minimum number of nights required for the proposed rate, if applicable.
  9. The customer, prior to booking services, shall be deemed to have represented that the services being reserved are for such customer’s own personal requirements.
  10. As a consumer, a customer possesses specific rights, which will not apply in the event the reserved services are not for the customer’s personal use.
  11. All of the information accessible on the Site is available in French as well as in several other languages.
  12. The customer represents that it possesses full legal capacity permitting it to be bound by these general conditions.

Within these general conditions of sale, the terms set forth below shall have the following meanings:

« acknowledgement of receipt »:

e-mail sent by to the customer summarising the reservation made by the customer and confirming its receipt by

« reservation confirmation »:

digital document summarising the nature of the services reserved by the customer via the Internet, and pursuant to which, if applicable, the customer has entered its credit or debit card number for prepayment or as a guarantee. The acceptance of the reservation confirmation will result in the customer being contractually bound and shall be deemed an acknowledgement of the customer’s irrevocable, formal and express agreement to be bound by the terms of these general conditions.

« customer »:

individual acting for their personal or business requirements who has no relationship with the hotel industry.

« e-mail »:

any message, in the form of text, voice, sound or image, sent via a public communications network, stored on a network server or in the terminal device of the addressee, until retrieval by the latter.

« request for reservation »:

request for reservation for hotel rooms, submitted by the customer through the mobile services or via the Internet.

« on-line reservation »:

reservation of hotel rooms, made using the digital reservation form on the website PALMERAIE RESORTS accessible at the address

« service »:

reservation of hotel rooms, the essential characteristics of which are included on the website

« mobile services »:

all of the services and protocols permitting mobile devices to connect to the Internet, including for the consultation and reservation of hotel services furnished by PALMERAIE RESORTS.

« website »:

e-commerce service operated via the Internet by PALMERAIE RESORTS and accessible at the address

  1. These general conditions specify the rights and obligations of the parties within the framework of the on-line reservation of services offered by PALMERAIE RESORTS via its Site or via the individual websites of its establishments.
  2. They shall govern all of the necessary steps for the reservation and the follow-up to the reservation between the contracting parties.
  3. The customer represents that it has reviewed and accepted these general conditions of sale and the terms of sale for the reserved rate accessible via the Site.
  1. These general conditions of sale shall apply to all reservations concluded via the Internet.
  1. These general conditions of sale shall apply for the entire period the services are offered on-line by PALMERAIE RESORTS via the Site.
  2. PALMERAIE RESORTS, without prior notice or any compensation, reserves the right to temporarily or definitively close the Site or the on-line reservation facilities.
  1. The customer is required to select the services from those presented on the Site.
  2. The customer shall be deemed to have represented that it has been informed of the nature, purpose and procedures for the reservation of services available via the Site and has sought and obtained any necessary and/or additional information required to make its reservation in full knowledge of the circumstances.
  3. A customer may reserve, via the Site, up to three (3) rooms per reservation for their individual and personal requirements. For group reservations for business meetings, conferences, seminars, etc., a customer is required to contact the Group Reservations Department by e-mail at the following address:, and confirm by telephone at the following number: +212 524 368760, failing which the reservation may not be accepted.
  4. The customer shall be solely responsible for the selection of the services and their suitability for its requirements, in consequence PALMERAIE RESORTS shall have no liability in such regard. The customer shall be deemed to have formally and irrevocably agreed to this.
  5. A reservation shall be deemed to have been accepted by the customer at the end of the reservation process.
  1. Reservations are made by a customer using the digital reservation form accessible on-line at the Site or via the mobile services.
  2. The reservation shall be deemed to have been completed upon receipt of the completed reservation form or of a request for a reservation by PALMERAIE RESORTS, or at the time of prepayment on-line using a credit or debit card.
  3. The customer, prior to making any reservation, agrees to complete the requested information on the reservation form or request for reservation.
  4. The customer, under its sole liability, shall be deemed to have warranted the truth and accuracy of the information submitted.
  5. The reservation procedure includes the following steps:

    a. step 1: selection of an establishment (hotel) and of a room and rate;
    b. step 2: selection, if applicable, of one or more additional services;
    c. step 3: verification of the details of the reservation, the total price, the applicable conditions of sale and any applicable changes made to the selection (room, rate, additional services), uniquely in the event of an on-line reservation;
    d. step 4: provision by the customer of contact details;
    e. step 5: entering of credit or debit card details in the event a guarantee or prepayment is required;
    f. step 6: consultation and acceptance of the general conditions of sale and terms of sale for the reserved rate;
    g. step 7: confirmation of the reservation by the customer.

PS: Guest must present the credit card used for booking at the time of check-in

  1. The customer will receive an acknowledgement of receipt for the reservation by e-mail.
  2. In the case of on-line reservations, the e-mail containing the acknowledgement of receipt for the reservation will include a summary of the contractual terms, the services reserved, the prices, the terms of sale applicable to the selected rate, as agreed by the customer, the information with respect to the reservation, as well as the address of the establishment where the booking has been made from which the customer may request further information.

For any information with respect to hotel bookings, our reservations service is available to customers seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Morocco time) and may be contacted as follows:

– Tel: +2125243334343 / Fax: +212 524305050
– e-mail:

The postal address is as follows:

Reservations Service

Circuit de la Palmeraie, BP1488, 40000 Marrakesh, Morocco

  1. In conformity with Act 31-08, in force in Morocco, specifying the measures for the protection of Consumers, customers are reminded that, upon approval of the booked reservation, they will be deemed to have waived their right of retraction. The customer shall be deemed to have formally and irrevocably agreed to this in full knowledge of the consequences that could arise from its waiver of its right of retraction.
  2. The terms of sale for the reserved rate will specify the procedures for a cancellation and/or modification of the reservation.
  3. Prepaid reservations may not be modified and/or cancelled. The sums paid are deemed to be a non-refundable advance (arrhes) by virtue of the Dahir, acting as the Obligations and Contracts Code, in force in Morocco, and will not be reimbursed, unless the modification or cancellation is made by PALMERAIE RESORTS for a legitimate reason, in which case the customer will be reimbursed the sums already paid within a time-limit of fifteen (15) days of payment. In such circumstances, this is expressly mentioned in the terms of sale for the rate.
  4. When the terms of sale for the reserved rate so permit:
    – cancellations of reservations may be made directly on the Site under the heading “Cancel a Booking”. In the event of a late cancellation, less than 48 hours prior to the arrival of a guest, the first night shall be charged as a cancellation charge;
    – changes to the reservation may be made directly on the Site under the heading “Change a Booking”.
  5. In the event t a guest voluntarily leaves prior to the end of the period booked, one night shall be charged as an early termination fee. In the event a guest fails to arrive (no-show), the customer will be charged for the first night. In the event of a prepaid reservation, no reimbursement will be made in such circumstances.
  6. Unless expressly provided otherwise, guests are required to leave their room prior to 12:00 p.m. on the date the period booked expires, unless a late check-out has been requested by the guest and agreed to by the hotel. Failing which, the customer will be charged for an additional night. No objections will be accepted in such regard.
  1. Pursuant to the regulations in force in certain countries, a guest may be requested, upon arrival at the hotel, to fill out an information sheet for the police. In order to complete this formality, a guest will be required to present a valid identification document.
  2. Certain establishments are prepared to accept certain pets provided that they are kept on a leash or in a cage in the common areas of the establishment (in order to verify whether an establishment accepts animals or not, please see the establishment information on For reasons of hygiene, animals are not permitted in restaurants and food areas. Our hotel establishments will have no liability with respect to such animals, the guests who are the owners of the animals assuming full responsibility for their custody. In consequence customers are informed that guests will be solely liability for any damage caused by any such an animal to the property of the hotel in question, its guests and its visitors, and furthermore that a guest will be deemed to have already authorised the hotel’s management to charge the guest for any damage that may be caused by its pet.
  3. The customer accepts and agrees to use the room in a careful and prudent manner. In addition any behaviour that is contrary to accepted moral standards and rules of public policy may lead the hotel to require a guest to quit the establishment without any compensation nor any reimbursement if payment has already been made.
  4. Certain of our hotel establishments have adopted rules that apply to their guests. The customer shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by such rules. In the event a guest fails to comply with any of the provisions of the rules, the hotel may be obligated to request the guest to quit the establishment without any reimbursement if payment has already been made.
  5. Certain hotels offer guests Internet access via Wi-Fi (paid or not). The customer agrees that such IT resources made available by the hotel, shall not, in any manner, be used for the reproduction, representation, making available or transmission of public works or objects that are protected by copyright law or by a neighbouring rights, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without authorisation from the rights holders in conformity with the provisions of Act 17-97, in force in Morocco, with respect to the protection of intellectual property, whenever such an authorisation is required. Guests are obligated to comply with the security policies of the Internet access supplier for the hotel they are staying at, including the rules with respect to the use of secure resources implemented with the aim of preventing illicit use of IT resources and avoiding any harm to the integrity of such resources. If the customer fails to conform with the preceding obligations, it risks being held liable for infringement (Article 213 of Act 17-97, in force in Morocco, with respect to the protection of intellectual property), which may be punished by a term of imprisonment of two to six months or a fine of 50,000 DH to 500,000 DH, or both. Such punishments are doubled for repeat offences.)
  1. PALMERAIE RESORTS warrants the conformity of the services, in conformity with the conditions imposed by the provisions of Act 31-08, in force in Morocco, specifying the measures for the protection of Consumer.
  2. The customer will also be entitled to benefit from any contractual warranty that may be included with the service.
  1. The photographs presented on the Site shall have no contractual value. Even though all efforts have been undertaken to ensure that the photographs, drawings and text reproduced to illustrate the establishments presented are as accurate as possible, with respect to the hotel services offered, variations may occur, in particular as a consequence of a change in furnishings or any applicable renovations that have been undertaken. A customer shall have no right to claim any reimbursement as consequence thereof.
  2. PALMERAIE RESORTS shall not be held liable for non-performance or inadequate performance of the reservation as a consequence of an event of force majeure as defined by Moroccan law, case law and courts, including as a consequence of the actions of third parties and/or of the customer (including, but not limited to: the unavailability of the Internet, the impossibility of accessing the website, external intrusions, computer viruses or, in the event of prepayment, a failure of the applicable bank to authorise the prepayment).
  3. Hypertext links for websites other than that of PALMERAIE RESORTS may be included and the latter shall have no liability with respect to the content of such sites and the services they offer.
  4. Any reservation or payment which is not in due form or is ineffective, incomplete or fraudulent for a reason imputable to the customer shall result in the cancellation of the booking at the customer’s expense, without prejudice to any civil or criminal proceedings that may be brought against the latter.
  1. PALMERAIE RESORTS must be informed of any claims, with respect to a failure to perform or inadequate performance of the hotel services, within eight days of the date of the customer’s departure via a letter addressed to the management of the establishment, subject to penalty of otherwise being time barred.
    Customers are informed that they will be held liable for any negative advertising (through written statements, published images, etc.), not based on the facts, on any site whatsoever, that adversely affects the reputation of PALMERAIE RESORTS and/or its hotel establishments and that they may be sued for defamation and for damages.
  1. The PALMERAIE RESORTS establishments are operated by the company PALMASSETS SA which is a separate legal entity from the company PALMERAIE RESORTS and, in consequence, is solely liable to guests for any applicable damage. Hence, in the event of a dispute, a customer may only make a claim against the establishment in which it stayed as a guest.
  1. The prices for the services reserved will be indicated at the time of the reservation.
  2. The prices displayed are per room, for the number of person(s) and for the date(s) selected.
  3. The prices including all taxes will be confirmed to the customer, in the currency in which the establishment conducts business (which in certain cases may be different from the local currency of the country in which the hotel operates), and are only valid for the period indicated on the Site.
  4. If payment to the establishment is made in a currency other than that used to confirm the reservation, the customer will be solely liable for any fees and changes in exchange rates.
  5. All reservations, whatever their origin, shall be payable in the local currency of the establishment, unless specifically indicated otherwise at the establishment.
  6. Unless stated otherwise, additional services (half-board, full board, etc.) are not included in the price indicated on the Site.
  7. The room tax, indicated for each rate, must be paid on arrival, directly to the hotel, even in the event of prepayment on-line, which does not include such amounts.
  8. The prices include VAT at the rate in force as of the date of the booking and any increase in the applicable VAT rates will automatically be reflected in the prices indicated as of the date of invoicing.
  9. Any change in or enactment of new laws or regulations with respect to the taxes imposed by the competent authorities will be automatically reflected in the prices indicated as of the date of invoicing.
  10. Conversions into a foreign currency are provided on an indicative basis only and are non-contractual. Only the price in the currency used to confirm your reservation is guaranteed (if such currency is different from that used at the booked hotel, the customer will be solely liable for any applicable currency conversion charges).
  11. If a rate requires that payment be made to the establishment at the time of arrival or upon departure, and the currency used by the customer is not the same as the currency used at the booked hotel, as a consequence of possible changes in exchange rates between the date of reservation and the date of the stay at the hotel, the rate charged by such establishment may be different from that transmitted at the time of the reservation.
  12. PALMERAIE RESORTS, at the time of confirmation of the reservation to the customer, will indicate the total amount for the booking.
  13. Rates may be supplemented as a consequence of various taxes depending on the city/country. The customer agrees, without dispute, to pay such taxes upon first request to PALMERAIE RESORTS. In consideration, the customer will receive a receipt detailing all of the duties and taxes for which payment has been requested.
  14. Certain promotional offers available via the Internet are sold exclusively on-line or in advance and are in no circumstances available at the reception of the hotel establishment in question. No claims in such regard will be accepted from a customer.
  1. Customers are hereby informed that to pay for a reservation by credit or debit card, they must choose this method of payment, as offered by Palmeraie Resorts, upon making the reservation:
    Pay by card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, cmi, Maestro, Diners Club and Discover).
    If this option is chosen, the transaction will be charged to the customer’s account the day after the date of confirmation of the requested reservation.
    Customer payments (by credit or debit card) are conducted through Maroc Telecommerce which offers a fully secured payment service.
    The customer will be deemed to have warranted Palmeraie Resorts that it has the applicable necessary authorisations to use the selected method of payment, at the time of the approval of its reservation.
    In the event of payment by credit or debit card, the provisions with respect to fraudulent use of the method of payment agreed between the customer and the card issuer and between the company Palmeraie Resorts and its bank shall apply.
  2. Except for certain specific terms or rates, customers, in order to guarantee a reservation, are required to provide their credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. depending on the card selected) details by directly entering, in the zones provided for such purpose (through secure data entry using SSL encryption), the number of the card, without any spaces between the numbers, as well as the expiration date and the security code within the framework of a prepayment using the Maroc Télécommerce payment platform.
  3. The payment will be charged by the booked hotel establishment at the time of the stay, except in the event of specific terms or rates when the payment is required to be charged at the time of the reservation (on-line prepayments for certain rates). Such prepayments are classified as a non-reimbursable advance (arrhes), except in the event of a modification or cancellation of the booking exclusively made by the hotel establishment for a legitimate reason. In the case of rates not prepaid on-line, the hotel establishment may ask the customer, at the time of their arrival, to provide a security deposit or an authorisation to debit a credit or debit card, with a view to guaranteeing the payment of the amounts charged for the services consumed at the hotel.
  4. In the event of a “no-show” (reservation not cancelled – guest fails to arrive) for a reservation guaranteed by a credit or debit card, the hotel will charge the amount for the first night to the customer’s credit or debit card used to guarantee the reservation, as lump sum compensation.
  5. PALMERAIE RESORTS has selected Maroc Télécommerce (a transaction management service and a registered trademark of Maroc Telecommerce S.A.) in order to provide a secure on-line payment service for credit and debit cards. The validity of a customer’s credit or debit card will be verified by Maroc Télécommerce. Payment by card may be rejected for several reasons: stolen card, blocked card, credit/payment limit reached, error in entering details, etc. In the event of a problem, the customer should contact both its bank/card issuer and the hotel establishment that was booked in order to confirm their reservation and the method of payment.
  6. If a customer reserves several rooms but prepayment is only required, for example, for a single room, in such circumstances, the credit or debit card used on the Maroc Télécommerce payment platform will be used to pay for the prepayment for the room in question and as the credit or debit card guaranteeing payment for the other rooms.
  7. At the time of prepayment, the amount charged for the reservation will include: the price of the room, the price of the meals (if breakfast included has been selected), and all other additional services chosen by the customer. The room tax will not be included and must be paid to the booked hotel upon the guest’s arrival.
  8. In the event a rate requires on-line prepayment, the amount paid in advance will be charged as a non-reimbursable advance (arrhes) at the time of the reservation.
  1. The information that a customer is requested to provide is required for processing the customer’s booking and in order to provide information as to the PALMERAIE RESORTS group’s products and services. Such information will be transmitted to PALMERAIE RESORTS, its entities, the on-line payment service provider, and the hotel establishments. Unless such information is provided, PALMERAIE RESORTS will not be able to record the reservation.
  2. The policy with respect to protection of a customer’s personal data may be consulted under the heading “Confidentiality Policy”. Customers are informed that this Policy has been established in compliance with the provisions of Act 09-08, in force in Morocco, with respect to the protection of individuals’ personal data in connection with data processing.
  3. Unless a customer objects, if a customer makes a hotel reservation on the Site, PALMERAIE RESORTS may send the customer by e-mail its “newsletter”, promotional offers similar to the first service furnished and/or a customer satisfaction questionnaire following their hotel stay.
  4. The customer has the option of objecting, without charge, to their personal data being used for marketing purposes, including for sales, by complying with the requisite conditions imposed by Act 09-08 referenced above and by sending a clear and express written request to: Furthermore, a customer can also unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of each marketing e-mail.
  5. The customer is informed that all of their personal data will be the subject of data processing for the purposes of completing the reservations and that PALMERAIE RESORTS will be responsible for the processing.
  6. The processing of such data will permit PALMERAIE RESORTS to:

    – fulfil its obligations with respect to the customer;
    – inform the customer of special offers and of any new service created by PALMERAIE RESORTS

  7. On each form for the collection of personal data, the customer will be informed whether a response is mandatory or optional by the presence of an asterisk.
  8. The customer will be deemed to have authorised PALMERAIE RESORTS to transmit the customer’s personal data to third parties and partner organisations provided that such transmission is compatible with the completion of the transactions incumbent upon PALMERAIE RESORTS pursuant to these general conditions.
  9. In particular, at the time of an on-line payment, the customer’s payment details will have to be transmitted by the payment service provider Maroc Télécommerce to the hotel’s bank, in order for the hotel reservation contract to take effect. Maroc Télécommerce in its capacity of a professional, has given an undertaking to PALMERAIE RESORTS to adopt all required measures as to security and confidentiality with respect to securing the processing operations and transferring the customer’s personal data.
  1. The entering of the required payment details, as well as acceptance of these general conditions and of the reservation form or request, shall constitute an electronic signature which, between the parties, shall have the same value as a handwritten signature.
  2. The digital records contained in PALMERAIE RESORTS’ IT systems shall be retained in accordance with reasonable security measures and shall be deemed to be proof of the communications, bookings and payments that occurred between the parties.
  3. Customers are informed that their IP address will be registered at the time of reservation.
  4. The data recorded by Maroc Telecommerce S.A., through the platform Maroc Telecommerce, in the event of on-line payment for the account of Palmeraie Resorts, shall constitute proof of all of the sales transactions entered into between the customer and the company PALMERAIE RESORTS.
  1. In the event of the unavailability of a room at the selected hotel establishment, or an occurrence of force majeure, such hotel establishment reserves the right to provide all or a portion of the customer’s lodging at an establishment of an equivalent class through services of the same nature, all of the expenses involved in the transfer being payable by the selected establishment. If the customer refuses, in cases where a customer has paid in advance, the customer will be reimbursed the sums already paid within fifteen (15) days.
  1. PALMERAIE RESORTS shall have no liability to a customer for non-performance of its obligations when this results from the occurrence of an event of force majeure as defined by Moroccan law, case law and courts.
  1. These general conditions of sale shall be governed by Moroccan law, without prejudice to the non-conflicting mandatory protective provisions applicable in the customer’s country of residence.
    In the event of a dispute between the parties, the Commercial Court of Marrakesh in the Kingdom of Morocco, shall have sole jurisdiction.
  1. These general conditions of sale, the terms of sale for the rate reserved by the customer, and the reservation form or request set forth all of the obligations of the parties.
  2. No general or specific condition transmitted by a customer shall apply to these general conditions, nor be enforceable against PALEMRAIE RESORTS and/or the hotel establishments booked.
  3. The documents forming the contractual undertakings between the parties, are, in decreasing order of priority, the reservation form (including the specific conditions for the reserved rate) and the general conditions.
  4. In the event of a contradiction between the reservation form and the general conditions, the provisions of the reservation form alone shall apply with respect to the obligation in question.
  1. These general conditions for on-line sales may be amended and/or supplemented by PALMERAIE RESORTS at any time. In such event, the new version of the general conditions for on-line sales will be placed on-line by PALMERAIE RESORTS. As soon as it is available via the Internet, the new version of the general conditions for on-line sales shall automatically apply to all customers.
    Please also consult the additional conditions of sale applicable to each rate, type of room or type of service, included with the list of rates.